Dishdasha Distributors & Suppliers in Oman - There are many countries worldwide. And each country has its graceful traditions and culture. Their lifestyle, food, language, clothing, and fashion sense made them unique from others. Oman is an Arabic country that is popular for its appealing civilization. Men in Oman usually wear Dishdasha as their folk outfit. This blog will teach you about Dishdasha Distributors and Suppliers in Oman.

In crisp, Dishdasha is a long ankle-length garment usually worn by men in Arab countries, including Oman. Dishdasha, also known as Thawb, Kandora, or Kandaura, has full sleeves and is made with cotton or unique wool for both hot and cold seasons.

The Charisma Of Omani Dishdasha

No doubt, all Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iraq, Qatar, etc., beautifully designed the Dishdasha for men. Still, there is something unique about the dishdasha worn by men in Oman called Omani Dishdasha. They are long ankle length with full sleeves and provide loose comfort to the men. A collar gown that comes in different colors like blue, black, white, brown, and green. Where white dishdasha is often worn in traditional events.

The stunning embroidery on the shoulders and neckline is crafted to enhance the attire’s beauty. Wazar is used as an undergarment that is worn under the Dishdasha. A knife called Khanjar with a broad and curved blade, and Omanis wear it with their outfits only at national events, religious occasions, or weddings, symbolizing pride and power.

It is the kind of accessory for Omanis to which their culture is attached, worn on the waist, fixed on the iron or silver belt that holds the Dishdasha, and adds a touch of luxury to the overall look. The cost of the Khanjar varies on the type of metal used to make it, like sandalwood, giraffe horn, etc. The more exceptional the metal is, the more high-priced it will be.  

A gorgeous Kumma or Turban, a type of headwear worn by Omani men with Dishdasha. Made of cashmere wool and soft cotton, adorned with artistic embroidery, these caps complete the whole Omani Dishdhahsa and are described as another charm of the Omani cultural outfit.

Why Do Omanis Wear Dishdasha Of White Color?

The color white symbolizes the peace and love. Have you ever noticed? When we see someone in a white outfit, it offers indescribable peace and fulfillment to the heart. The Dishdasha worn by men is also white, representing peace and inner strength. Not only the emotions, but there is also a religious significance behind the color white of Dishdasha. The white color reflects the sunlight and keeps the body cool. That is the scientific reason behind the above question.

In the ancient period, as well as the Islamic golden age, the religious scholars also wore loose and long dishdashas of white color to spread the message of One God in every corner of the world. Additionally, In Islam, the white color is considered Allah’s favorite color, and that’s why the white color holds the priority in choosing the color of Dishdasha.

Moreover, the white Omani dishdasha can be worn daily for schools, college, office, or casual days and special occasions like religious, traditional or cultural, national events, etc., to make your serene presence.

As mentioned above, the white color helps Muslims to bring themselves closer to Allah, and for the same reason, it is worn by men on Eid, going to Mosques, Zmaat, offering prayers, Hajj, and many more. Not only in Oman but also in other Arab countries, the color white is often chosen by men when it comes to dishdasha or thobe as their national and spiritual costumes.

Dishdasha Distributors & Suppliers in Oman

The Role Of Dishdasha Distributors& Suppliers In Oman

Many people often need clarification on these terms, i.e., Distributors and Suppliers. They think that both are the same, but it’s not. In short, a supplier is a person or business that provides products or services to the other unit and acts as a mediator between the manufacturer and the retailer, ensuring that communication is forthcoming and the products are of competent quality.

The distributor is a person or firm that transports and supplies goods to several shops or customers. If their business is related to the textile industry, distributing and supplying dishdasha, then they will be known as Dishdasha Distributors and suppliers.

Dishdasha Distributors and suppliers in Oman have a crucial role in supply chain management. The distributors purchase a considerable quantity of Dishdasha from the original manufacturer and then sell it to retail shops or users. The supplier’s role includes:

  • Compliance with laws.
  • Offering impartial opportunities to the retailers.
  • Guaranteeing the reasonable price and quality of products to strengthen the business relationship with the retailers.

The overall role of Dishdasha Distributors and Suppliers remained to craft the seamless business path in reaching Dishdasha or Kandora in outstanding quality and best prices to the hands of every man in Oman.

Why Choose Blossom Trading For Dishdasha Distributors&Suppliers In Oman

We are one of the emerging international trading companies in the field of business. Client satisfaction is the main goal that we are achieving with our remarkable years of hard work. Our company laid its foundation in 1988, headquartered in Dubai, to set a new milestone in the international trade markets. We import textiles, including Kandoras, thobes, dishdasha, shirts, jackets, etc., to Arab countries like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, etc., and export our products to other nations.

Blossom Tradings aims to strengthen the bond with their customers that sets us apart from other companies. The top quality materials are used in our products, ensuring comfort and a sense of relaxation to the users.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dishdasha Distributors & Suppliers in Oman 

Q1: Do dishdashas come in many colors?

Ans: Dishdashas come in various colors like white, black, brown, blue, etc. So that men can choose it that fits their personality.

Q2: Why do Muslim men wear Dishdasha in white color?

Ans: It is a color of purity, peace, and love. The color also holds religious significance, and that’s why it is preferable for Muslim men.

Q3: How can I contact Blossom Trading?

Ans: You can contact us by dialing +971 4 353 2599 or email

Q4: Which materials are used to make Omani dishdashas?

Ans: Omani dishdashas are usually made with soft cotton and cool. So that it can be worn in hot as well as cold weather.


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