Thobe Distributors in Oman - Oman is famous for its ancient history, beautiful mosques, alluring valleys, and rich culture, from food to lifestyle. Thobe is a traditional attire worn in Arab countries, including Oman. In this blog, you will learn about Thobe Distributors In Oman.

It is a garment that men usually wear, comes with full sleeves, and covers the body from neck to ankle. You watch this Arabic dress in movies, magazines, or on the phone. It is mainly made with soft wool and cotton, so it can be easily worn in cold and hot weather.

The History Of Thobe In Oman

The thobe is also called dishdasha or kandora in the Arab Countries. The history of thobe has kept changing with time, and it has become one of the most wearable attire for Arabians. Thobe shows the Arabics their way of style and fashion to present themselves.

During the 8th to 14th century, also known as the Islamic Golden Age, the thobe was made with expensive fabrics like silk. Religious leaders or scholars also wear them to travel to comfortably spread God’s message worldwide.

The Arab countries, as well Oman, adopted the culture of thobe and have been wearing it as their traditional garments for a long time. Not only in history, but Oman still holds a prestigious legacy and prefers the thobe as their classic outfit.

Different types of thobes 

The following is a list of different types of those preferred by Arab countries.

Omani Thobes

These are the first kinds of those that do not have a collar and are precisely attached above the breast. They usually have a colourful appearance. The headdress is called Mussar, designed with iconic embroidery and handcrafted patterns.

Emirati Thobe

Another kind of thobe that is unique from the Omani thobes. It also has long sleeves but does not have collars. They are crafted with embroideries to make them more elegant for men. The headwear is called teacher and is thrown over the shoulders.

Saudi Thobe 

Saudi thobes are also a stunning type of thobe but are less loose than the other thobes. They come with three collar buttons and have short sleeves. The header is called Bint Al Bakkar, which provides a glamorous look to the overall look.

Kuwaiti Thobe 

Kuwaiti thobe, also known as Kuwaiti Kanduras, offers a slim fit feature and is made of high-quality fabrics. Just like Emirati thobes, the headwear is perfectly thrown over the shoulders.

Bahraini thobe

These thobes are also loosely fitted to make users comfortable and move freely. The pocket on the shirt provides a usable facility for men. They have a short collar and allow men to move their necks freely.

Qatari Thobe

Qatari thobe is the kind of thobe that is manufactured with shiny fabrics and has pockets. The headdress is known as a Cobra, which resembles a snake when you see it from the front if it is perfectly set.

Thobe Distributors in Oman

What Is The Meaning Of Thobe Distributor?

The distributors are crucial in providing us with the requirements we often need for our daily routine. In crisp, a distributor is a unit that purchases a vast amount of products from the manufacturer and distributes them directly to the customers or retailers, who will then sell them to the customers. Now, the question will pop into your mind: What do wholesalers do if the distributors have this role in reaching the products to us? The answer is that distributors are also called” Wholesalers”.

It is a significant element in the Supply Chain Process used by Manufacturers and retailers. The Thobe distributors buy a vast quantity of thobes from the Thobe’s manufacturer and then sell it directly to the users or the retailer, who will then sell it to the customers.

Tips To Clean Your Thobe

Suppose you have these or are thinking about purchasing them. Here are some tips that will help to make your thobe clean and everlasting.

  • Always prefer hand washing.
  • Do not use strong stain remover.
  • Use chlorine-free bleach for the white thobes.
  • Choose dry cleaning if necessary.
  • Iron your thobe at low temperature.
  • If there is embroidery in your thobe, you can iron it from the inner side.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How many kinds of thobes are often worn by Arabic men?

Ans: Many different types of thobes are often worn by Arabic Men. These are Quwaiti thobes, Omani Thobes, Qatari Thobes, etc.

Q2: Where is the headquarters of Blossom Trading Company?

Ans: Blossom Trading Company’s office is in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Q3: How can I contact Blossom Trading?

Ans: You can contact us by dialing +971 4 353 2599 or email

Q4: Who are those distributors?

Ans: The thobe distributors are the ones who buy vast quantities of thobes from the manufacturer and sell them directly to the users or to the retailer, who will then sell them to the customers.


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